Exceptional quality is our standard when it comes to cuisine. Located inside the Main House, our kitchen is run by a team of award-winning chefs that have been flown in from some of the top restaurants in the province.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that your dining experience is nothing short of incredible. Menus created by our executive chef include many local dishes like seafood, produce, and game, enhanced with international flavours. Along with this, each meal is paired appropriately by a sommelier to ensure your experience is complete.

Our chefs are well experienced in developing menus for many tastes and they enjoy the challenge of preparing world-class meals for each guest. When booking your stay, please advise staff of any personal preferences and dietary considerations and we will do our best to accommodate your needs during your stay.

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Light lunch – Newfoundland wild salad greens, tomato, egg, grilled artichoke, and pine nuts with honey orange dressing.


Amuse bouche – Newfoundland Scallop layered with confit kohlrabi and sliced summer truffles.


Caplin boquerones, picked young blueberries, crisp old man’s beard, clover and chive.


Rhubarb and blueberry custard pie, partridge berry syrup with busted meringue.




Stuffed mushrooms